Studying auditory verbal hallucinations 

and auditory misperceptions

Step 1: Thresholding

Determining the auditory thresholds of a pilot sample

The voice amplitudes are calibrated for the PC on which participants are tested. For this, the auditory thresholds of a pilot sample are determined. Unzip and open the folder “Auditory Threshold Task” and run the file “AuditoryThreshold.ebs2” to start the threshold programme.

To edit the programme, use the file “AuditoryThreshold.es2”:

Threshold data can be found in E-Data files (with icons as shown below) as generated by the programme:

Open an E-Data file and locate the column named “Stimvol” (see Table 1):

Table 1
Locating threshold data

The last value of this column (i.e. Stimvol; Table 1) is the auditory threshold of the participant tested. In the example, it is -5900. 

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